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Bike stop Austria

Hundreds of city bikes with brand, "Austrian bicycle stops" in Warsaw and Poznan - promotion of summer rest in Austria. In Warsaw alone, five hundred bicycles on the back wheels had brandy with Austrian advertising no less in Poznań. In addition, "bicycle Austrian stops" appeared in both cities - sheds with green grass, where you could sit on a sun lounger or sit on the grass and listen to short reflections on the summer in Austria and see beautiful pictures. In addition, free WiFI worked within the stops.


Production and creation: Eye Vision Group



Live broadcast of the famous Summer Concert of the Vienna Philharmonics from the Schönbrunn Palace Garden in Vienna on big screens in several European cities at the same time: Barcelona, Seoul, Beijing and Warsaw.A May evening to the sounds of a concert under the open sky!The Lower Garden of the Royal Castle / Kubicki Arcade in Warsaw

The motto of this concert was the musical world of fairy tales, legends and myths, which was reflected in the selection of songs - full of magic and unusual creatures.


Media partners: Polityka, Radio TOK FM

Event partners: Austrian Airlines, Manner

Production: Eye Vision Group

The most beautiful Christmas carol "Silent Night"


The National Bureau for the Promotion of Austria invited to Studio Bank in Warsaw on 25/10/2018 and on 27.10.2018 in Krakow to the Franciscan Fathers' Convent to talk about this carol, its uniqueness and the circumstances of its creation. Stille Nacht was written 200 years ago, translated into 300 languages ​​and dialects, in Asia sung as a lullaby, created as a song of peace. Austria celebrates the anniversary of the carol beginning in Warsaw with a series of meetings that will take place in several European cities.

In Krakow, Elżbieta Lisowska, Andrzej Lisowski, father Jan Maria Szewek, musicologist Dorota Susuł and actor Jerzy Milewski, who plays in Austrian theaters, talked to Iwona Iwona Sitnik-Kornecka. The Lege Artis choir sang. Whereas in Warsaw, the following participated: Agnieszka Kulczycka, Sirens music consultations & author's licenses, Edward Sielicki, contemporary music composer, priest. Grzegorz Poźniak and Izabela Gartner, a guide to Salzburg and Austria. The EMOTIVO choir sang.


Production and creation: Eye Vision Group


Bike Expo


On 24-25 March 2018, at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, the Bike Expo fair was held - one of the most interesting and also the largest tourist and cycling events of the year. Participants were representatives of four Austrian regions: Carinthia, Tyrol, Burgenland and Zell am See-Kaprun, which will appear together with the representative of the hotel complex Tauern SPA.During the fair visitors had the opportunity to meet personally with representatives of regions, and thus get the latest information about the offer and bicycle infrastructure in selected regions.


Production and creation: Eye Vision Group


Breakfast Market with the participation of May and June 2018 Warsaw Żoliborz.


An exhibition stand presenting the tourist regions of Austria. There was a great prize to win, a 5-day stay in a 4-star hotel in Salzburg.You could also try regional delicacies from Carinthia


Production and creation: Eye Vision Group

5 Tyrolean glaciers
The Tyrolean winter was hosted in Warsaw on 7 and 8 September 2012, at the Agrykola estate in Warsaw there was a state-of-the-art Tyrolean igloo. A snow playground (snow arrived from the glaciers), ice carving shows and film screenings awaited visitors. There are 4 eisstock tracks (an Austrian curling variety) and a Tyrolean grill. In the evenings, parties to the rhythm of chillout.Warsaw 7-8 September 2012 - Agrykola
Production and creation: Eye Vision Group

IOM Poland

At the request of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), we have completed another campaign. The aim of this information spot is to make the recipient aware of and sensitize the phenomenon of human trafficking. We want the viewer to be aware of the scale of the phenomenon, its range and the fact that the problem can affect each of us after watching the footage. The spot was presented on the Internet and all cinemas in Poland.


Production: Eye Vision Group, VIDOQ

Creation: VIDOQ

Vienna "Now or never" - 16-18 May 2014 - Warsaw, Hoover Square
A unique opportunity to win an exclusive trip to Vienna. The highlight of the trip to Vienna was participation in one of the biggest charity events in the world - Life Ball. It is dedicated to the fight against AIDS, combines the tradition of Viennese balls with a modern lifestyle and a global humanitarian problem. A taste of the richness of Viennese attractions in Warsaw had a chance to experience in the days preceding the draw - from 16 to 18 May. At a special Viennese multimedia cube in the Hoover Square, additional prizes could be won, for example, souvenirs and gifts associated with the capital of Austria. On May 17, the famous dance teacher introduced everyone willing to the secrets of the Viennese waltz, and the mobile café provided coffee tasting straight from the Danube metropolis. In turn, on 18 May we were accompanied by the imperial couple and, again, free coffee and a sweet gift.
Production: Eye Vision Group


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